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November 7 2021

Seasonal weddings pros and cons

Have you taken the seasons into consideration when planning your big day? If you want to achieve the wedding of your dreams, you should consider all aspects of what your day is going to look like and be over prepared for anything thrown your way.

Lets talk Summer! Is your reception going to a party that last into all hours of the night? Do you love the trees being as full and bright green as possible? Do you have a beautiful sleeveless dress you are looking at? A Summer wedding might be your best bet! However if you are heat sensitive and are worried about the temperature or the bugs, maybe one of the other seasons will be a better fit for you!

Fall is here now and this is everyone's favorite wedding season! Not too hot, not too cold, Fall offers some of the best temperatures for weddings! Here in Missouri the colors of the trees are absolutely breathtaking. Given the venue is outdoors the photos will capture all of your beauty and the beauty of nature! Some of the other seasons offer a blank canvas when it comes to decorating for your big day, but fall can give you a good idea of what your decorations will look like! If you like the Fall colors, this may be the season for you!

Winter Weddings are perfect for the intimate cozy wedding! Snow, long sleeve dresses, coats, scarves, great contrast photos and hot chocolate are all things that can make a Winter wedding a wonderland! indoor venues suit this season best offering a canvas for an elegant wedding!

Spring Weddings offer some of the most beautiful flower combinations! Much like the Fall, the Spring weddings are not too hot and not too cold, offering a lot of flexibility when choosing other aspects of your wedding! However be careful when choosing a wedding date in the Spring because this tends to be the season with the most rain!

Weddings are one of the most important days in your life, so remember to take into consideration all aspects of your wedding! when it comes to the date of a wedding, people tend to have there special reasons they chose that date. No matter what day or season you choose you may want to take the seasons and all they bring to the table when planning your wedding!

October 17 2021

Style shoots?

It came to our attention that not everyone in the bridal industry is familiar with the concept of a style shoot. Lets start with the basics! A style shoot is a photoshoot where local vendors can come together and show off what they do while marketing themselves to other professionals in the industry! More often than not the vendors participating preform their services in exchange for professional photos of their work! Some of the vendors that participate in these mock wedding or special event photoshoots include: Photographers, Florists, Hair and Makeup artists, Wedding Coordinators, Venues, and more! Personally we LOVE to participate in style shoots because we love the opportunity to meet the people we may work with in the future. We couldn't tell you how many times we have been asked by brides to be if we knew vendors for the services they haven't found yet! We are always happy to recommend our industry friends for the services they offer!

When put into perspective the reach one style shoot will have it's a no brainer! Not only will a vendor get professional photos for their social media and websites, they will also gain exposure through the other industry professionals!

Today we did a style shot and it was so much fun! We were able to travel to a venue in a city we haven't worked in, met a husband and wife bakery team, a florist, a coordinator, and another photographer!

At the end of the day, weddings can be stressful and on top of the service we vendors are hired for, our second unspoken job is to make sure that the day of the wedding goes as smooth and stress-free as possible. When us vendors have worked with each other in the past (even just for a style shoot) it helps make the wedding day flow much better! so if you ever get the chance to be apart of a style shoot you 100% should! you wont regret it!

October 3 2021

Wedding story from a husbands perspective

I proposed to my now beautiful wife on the beaches of Oceanside California: This was the closest beach to our hometown and a very special place for both of us. Flash back to our first date at the Ruby's Diner (located at the end of the pier) where we spent hours enjoying the seeming bottomless milkshakes! I was nervous and anxious because I knew the girl sitting across the table trying to hold back laughter so the milkshake didn't come flying out her nose was not your average girl. I knew that this one was something special. After our milk shakes the sun had fully set and we slowly walked back down the pier admiring the mystery of the black waves crashing on the poles of the pier below us. We spent hours walking up and down the beach talking about everything and anything: laughing and chasing the little birds because they way they ran and didn't fly was so funny to us. I later knew that this would be the place I would ask her hand in marriage. On the night I proposed I was just as nervous as our first date! We walk the pier and head towards Ruby's Diner, we ordered two milkshakes and much like our first date they seemed bottomless. We laughed and reminisced on our first date. As time went on the sun set behind the horizon and after the last person left the pier we began to walk back down towards the beach. The beach was almost completely empty and we continued to walk up and down the coast and talk through the night again. No matter what topic we were on I couldn't find the right moment to drop down on one knee and ask the question! something just didn't feel complete about the date. "But what was it?" I asked myself. "THE BIRDS!" Kylie shouts. We looked at each other and of course we had to chase them again! After the birds ran off into the water I thought to myself now its complete, we've successfully recreated our first date and I dropped down on one knee. She was staring off to the endless pacific ocean and I let her know how special she truly was and how she was the one I wanted to spend my life with. She turned around and I opened the box with her ring in it. From that moment wedding planning went into full effect! Before I knew it we had picked a venue, coordinator, hair and makeup artist, photographer and all our vendors. It seemed like an eternity away but next thing I knew we were on a plane back to California! We stayed for a week in a hotel in our hometown. Then we were surrounded by all of our family cheering us on when those famous words "You can kiss the bride" were said! We spent the night enjoying the company of our loved ones and celebrated into the night. Now I type this sitting next to my beautiful wife as she takes a nap and I cant tell you how happy I truly am. And my advice for anyone out there reading this not knowing what to expect from there soon to be marriage is, don't forget the love you had for one another on your first date, your engagement, or your marriage. The love keeps getting stronger as long as you keep tending to the fire of your love. And to my beautiful wife if you're reading this, I love you! Thank you for everything you do for our family.

October 2 2021

Quick discussion on the wedding theme trends.

Kylie- So I was reading and I saw that the trend for the 2021 and 2022 is bohemian weddings and a dressed down elegant or a casual elegant. which is odd because before Covid happened the trends were all rustic. Which got me thinking: Why do the trends change so drastically when they do change?

Julian- I think the trends change drastically because people feel burnt out on that trend. like their entire feed on Instagram and Pinterest is flooded with that trend. I remember last year even all I saw was barns and bar tables with a wooden barrel podiums. So when so an innovator comes along and switches it up people get excited to see something new for a change.

Kylie- Like 2019-2020 it was a lot of vivid color flowers, a lot of teals and purples., and it seems like now they switched to dried flower bouquets and sage green with burnt orange. I've even been seeing carpets as isle runners. I think they are beautiful and unique. I hope this trend stays a long time. what do you think the next trend will be?

Julian- I saw this wedding on my Instagram feed where it was on a costal cliff and the alter was a circle made of this feathery wheat. what do you call those?

Kylie- Rabbit Tail Grass?

Julian- THAT!!! It was beautiful and reminded me of something out of a fantasy movie. It just looked magical. I hope the current trend stays as well but I would like to see the more elegant rustic come back with big beautiful bridal dresses and dried flowers everywhere! To be honest I'm all in on the big geometric shapes behind the alter!

Kylie-I do like those, but there is also something about traditional elegant weddings

Julian-like the man playing the organ as the bride to be walks down the isle?

Kylie- Definitely not that hahaha. That's a little dramatic for my taste, but I do like live bands. even during the ceremony. I do love traditional weddings. i hope they make a comeback and I just really hope they new trends are as pretty as the ones that have been popping up recently.

Julian- Agreed. at the end of the day i think the trends are exciting no matter what trend it is and I love how out of the box they are getting! either way I feel like all the trends have something magical about them in their own way.